Descubra com As Semanas Mágicas como estimular o desenvolvimento do seu bebê e e ajudá-lo a transformar suas 10 fases previsíveis e difíceis em saltos mágicos!

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Pais sobre As Semanas Mágicas

Baby brain development made easy! Brilliant book. Completely describes each stage of brain development from a lay persons perspective. Gives real examples of how each stage will change baby’s behaviour and functions. Invaluable to help you fathom the rapid changes in baby’s responses to his/her world and why routines or problems can pop up out of nowhere! Reassuring, easy read and kindle version great for in the go reading.


All parents should buy this book. Sooo worth having for peace of mind. Great to have some idea what the little mite is going through. Really helps to give you a better perspective of your baby’s development and how to help them.

Ms. D

Well worth being on any new mums shelf. Brilliant, really easy to pick up and put down, pick up again without much concern over where you left off. Very informative. Helps to understand behaviours.

Rebecca Monkhouse

A must for any new parent! This books gives a wonderful insight into why your baby is behaving in a certain way and it’s so reassuring when you feel at the end of your tether! It helps to explain those times when you just look at them and ask “what do you want?!?” And I found it made me feel so much better just having some explanation, or possibilities. Especially useful with the 6 month plus age!…

Mrs. A. Gorgon

Every parent I know has wondered at some time what happened to their baby, why they are so clingy all of a sudden, why they cry for apparently no reason, why they stopped sleeping well, why they stopped eating well, why suddenly nobody but Mommy will do… who took their nice baby and replaced it with THIS baby? And whose fault is it? “Did I spoil him,” they ask, or “Should I punish her?” Will I get better results if I stop responding to all these senseless demands? They look for answers, and get all sorts of advice from others, much of it less than helpful – but they don’t know what is going on, so they can’t filter the advice effectively. This book has the answers to all those whys, and the reassurance that you are neither crazy nor at fault. My patience expanded dramatically when I realized that it wasn’t ME, it wasn’t my fault, it was just a stage of development for my son. It helped to know that he was actually scared and needed me, and was not pretending or manipulating me. It helped to be able to look forward to the genuinely exciting new knowledge and abilities at the end of the stage. It helped to know that if I supported him, the phase would progress and end. I felt sane, and normal, and knew that other moms went through the same thing. PHEW! ? I’ve passed the info on to countless other parents, all of whom have wished that the book was available in the US. I even contacted the publisher of the version in New Zealand, but no luck. Now, this PRICELESS resource is here, and the second I found out, I bought my copy. You won’t regret getting your own.

Heather Petit “hedracita”- Newark, United States

I just ordered 3 copies of this book to give as baby gifts to my friends, because I’ve found the information in this book to be so helpful. I’ve had it in a German translation since my daugther was about 6 months old and I seem to get it out and reread the corresponding chapter whenever my little one goes through a tough phase. It is encouraging to read the other parents’ remarks and know that I’m not the only one dealing with this. The authors point out that there are valid reasons for the babies’ behaviour. So if your baby all of a sudden is very clingy and difficult, don’t despair! Giving in to her/his needs is not going to make her/him a spoilt brat. By lending the support she/he needs, you will help your baby transition to the next developmental stage.

A Customer

Every time my daughter went through a developmental stage I was thrown for a loop until I bought this book and was better able to understand what was happening. I thought I was going to lose my mind and now I can prepare for each new phase. Nobody tells you about these things. This book is just wonderful if you truly want to understand what is going on in your baby’s mind, and what parent wouldn’t?…

Newmommy “papillonmom2″ – United States

I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to do a review here before, but this book made me take the time to do it. I got this book when my daughter was a few months old and I recommend it to all parents. Each chapter discusses a “fussy phase” and explains the developmental leap that accompanies it. The book offers suggestions of how to handle it, how to cope when things get frustrating, what toys are especially useful during the phase, what games to play with your child at that time. I love the way it’s organized. It’s very readable. Without fail, every time my little girl was acting…not herself…I would open up the book and sure enough, we were right in the middle of a great developmental leap. I feel like this book helped me understand my daughter better, and be a better parent. I WISH they would write a book for the second year as well.

Julie Taber “jewels” – Binghamton, NY United States

Out of the many baby books I’ve read this is hands down the most useful. The information is excellent and makes me wonder why it’s not readily available (outside this book ie on websites). Wow, when read it it’s like I got the AHA moment and a glimpse into my daughters brain. I will say though if anyone is for the CRY IT OUT method they need to read this book. Even though this isn’t a sleep book it gave me the insight to realize that I will never use the cry it out method when I know that my baby is going through a developmental phase and needs moms comfort and support more than ever; that would just be torture.

SoCalavaz – Laguna Beach, CA

This book was recommended by many of my friends and they were right: it is such a relief to finally understand that it is not your fault that your baby may have some pretty tough days and cry and fuss, but that it is a normal part of his or her development. Especially having our first baby and going through the first few weeks of being insecure about things, this book was a huge help. When we reached week 5 and she would not stop crying for hours a friend told me about this book and I felt like all the weight had been lifted of my shoulders and that I can handle her “attacks” much better now that I understand what’s going on. Having studied psychology myself I also appreciated the authors’ background and scientific information which is packaged in an easy to read way making the cognitive theories accessible to everybody.I also bought the handbook for games and activities by the same author and love it.

N. Armbruster “Nic” – Australia & Germany

I appreciate that The Wonder Weeks honors the challenges of caring for a baby. It’s great info about development, yes. It’s also validation that development & accompanying fussiness are exhausting for parents. No other parenting book mentions that “during this time” mom is likely to have back aches & headaches. Continues to describe mom/baby as connected, like a continuation of pregnancy. Milestones are identified at the same universal times everyone else (Brazelton, Sears, etc) describe. The key difference here is that there are suggestions of how to help your baby through and validation that it’s hard work. I really like the checklists in the book and the reminder emails.

Melissa Jonas – Seattle, WA

All during my pregnancy I dreaded hearing the words colic, fussy, not a good sleeper…and then it happened…I had a fussy baby. I kept thinking it was something I was doing so I tried everything. Just when I thought there was nothing I could do, I found this book. What a lifesaver! It was as if the authors were talking just to me personally. If you just had a baby, or know someone who is pregnant, buy this book. It will keep you sane!!!…

Allison J. Gottlieb – Macomb, MI USA

This is the perfect book to follow along side baby while she’s growing.


This book has really helped me learn what is going on with my sons development. When he gets fussy this books answers why and helps me learn how to help. The suggestions they give to help him push through the next wave of brain development work so well. I highly recommend this book! It also works well as a diary!…


It describes my daughter TO THE LETTER! She’s nearing her 19th week leap. I wish I had found this book prior to her earlier leaps–would have explained a lot!…


I got this as a gift and think that it should be given to every new parent as they leave the hospital with their little bundle of joy. The first few weeks will be bliss as you and your baby get to know each other, but just wait until they hit the first developmental leap at about 5 weeks. It explains why even the most happy baby is suddenly a screamer and then, again, as sweet as can be. Turns out that all babies are on very specific tracks when it comes to mental development, which is pretty cool if you think about it! The Wonder Weeks will help save your sanity and let you know that there is nothing wrong with you or your baby – what they are going through is not just “normal,” but really pretty brilliant. According to the author’s research, all babies make leaps in mental development at certain, predictable times during their first 20 months. With each leap, he sees the world with a new perception and this stirs up everything he thought he knew. Using the book as a guide, parents can be better prepared – often within a week or two – when to expect the fussy behavior that marks a new change in their baby’s development. In fact, every new parent (or grandparent, or auntie) should read this book!…

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